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Neutral Density (ND) Filter Workshop

Learn how to use or improve your long exposure skills during daylight not darkness, I'll guide you through the essentials to ensure you take crisp, clean long exposure shots every time. Additionally, I'll talk through some tips on setting up your equipment to improve the quality of your shots. If you have any questions, please email me at I can supply a small amount of ND filters (if they are compatible with your lens) but ideally you need to bring your own ND filter, preferably an ND 10. Feel free to contact me for advice. Low cost filters are available on Amazon to get you started in the world of ND Filters but you may experience discoloration in your resulting photos. I recommend LEE FILTERS ( for perfect results (contact me for more guidance). Click here to BOOK your place on the workshop

Date : Saturday May 12th 2pm-4pm

This photo taken with a LEE FILTER ND 10 BIG STOPPER

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